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I’m Terence-Kent Ow, a photographer and martial artist based in Sydney, Australia.

I’m a lifelong maker and creative problem-solver, initially pursuing a career in Industrial Design but eventually turning to the path of photography.

My inspirations include sci-fi films, Asian cinema, music (especially jazz), simple but effective design, martial arts, my two cats, and the unstoppable community of photographers, artists and designers in the Sydney area.


In my early years at school, I was a persistent troublemaker. Constantly disrupting the class and refusing to concentrate on my work, I was sent out of class on a regular basis and eventually had to go to external counselling.

I was terrified at the prospect that I would get into more serious trouble than just detentions and getting told off. But when the counsellors asked if I would prefer to take tests or make art, I chose art. We put oil pastel to paper and drew a tiger making its way through a grassy landscape, topped with purple mountains. The counsellors brought out a hotplate, on which we placed the paper. As the wax softened and the familiar smell of oil pastels grew stronger, we ran a plastic comb across the page to give the effect of movement; of the warm breeze blowing through the savannah.

The young Terence was amazed. This was partly because I got out of taking a test in such a way, but mainly, I was filled with wonder at how we used the paper, pastels, hotplate and comb to make something that couldn't have existed without any one of those elements. 

Looking back, the greatest personal significance of the situation was choosing to create - a decision I continue to make to this day.

If you’re reading this, you may also be someone who has made a creative choice.

You may be someone with big ideas and bigger dreams. 

Someone who wants to bring something new and beautiful to the world. 

Someone in need of paper, pastels, a hotplate, a comb - or an enthusiastic and adaptable photographer - to bring your vision to life.

If this sounds like you, feel free to leave a message below.

Photo: Lydia Liu